Welcome to FlyingMachines Family

FlyingMachines was found in 2016 for the RC flyers in india.

Now a days this hobby is well known and got attention by many people in india.
The purpose of this website is to make this hobby reach those enthusiastic people, but because of lack of support/budget they are not able to get into this hobby.
We are here to help those Backyard engineers to explore their skills and enjoy what their creation.

3D Printed Planes

Exclusive 3D planes and parts

We are have wide range of 3D printed plane, skeletons for planes, 3D printed mounts , accesories for the RC planes and quads.
We also take custome design 3D printing orders.

Custom Made Planes

Professional Scratched builds

These are low price Scratched build planes with professional touch. There are two kind of kits available Pre-Cut kit and RTF kit in this category.


Plane and Quad Accesories

All kind of basic and advanced accesories for plane and Quadrocopter are available at our site. Motors, Servos, ESCs, Control Horns.....and lot more.

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